Synopsys VDK

Virtual Development Kit

iSYSTEM Debugger and Software Analyzer front-end support for Synopsys VDK


Before a real target hardware is available, it makes sense to start development and initial integration work with a virtual hardware. Increasing complexity of embedded software in general, time-to-market and the early setup of a test automation justify the use of such virtual hardware also called Virtual Target or Virtual Prototype.

The iSYSTEM IDE and debugger winIDEA for Synopsys VDK is the same front-end and functionality used for on-target software development and debugging. As soon as target hardware is available, simply switch to it by a mouse click and continue working in the environment you are already used to.

The main use-cases for the iSYSTEM-Synopsys VDK setup:

  • Bootloader development
  • Initial integration work of an AUTOSAR Stack
  • MCAL integration
  • Test Automation/CI
  • ...

An iSYSTEM Synopsys VDK licence is a yearly fee that includes support for different architectures, feature sets and maintenance. It currently offers debug support for the Infineon AURIX™ TC49x and ST Microelectronics SR6P7G7 Processor Family.



Supported targets

  • ARM Base Reference
  • S32K388
  • SR6P7G7
  • TC39x
  • TC49x
  • TC4Dx
  • TC38x

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