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winIDEA XCP Master

IDE, Debug and Trace Tool - Debug over XCP

winIDEA has formed the cornerstone of iSYSTEM’s integrated software development environment for more than 20 years. Being continuously refined, this tool delivers the insights every embedded development engineer needs, from the occasional user right through to the power developer.

Implementation of the ASAM standard

The ASAM standard AE MCD-1 XCP SW-Debug (released Nov 2017) in winIDEA defines the concurrent use of both measurement/calibration software and debugger software through a common target hardware interface. The latter is provided as a Plug-on Device (POD) by the measurement/calibration (MC) tool vendor (or from any provider that implements an XCP Slave according to the standard). ​

The POD connects via a debug interface (e.g., DAP, JTAG) to the target ECU. The communication between host computer and POD is performed via XCP over Ethernet. ​An XCP Slave running on the POD is scheduling the concurrent use of both worlds, measurement/calibration and debugging. ​

In this setup, iSYSTEM winIDEA is an XCP Master running on the host computer. Instead of sending low-level debug commands directly to the target, iSYSTEM winIDEA encapsulates those in the form of XCP commands, which are send to the XCP Slave on the POD for further processing.​

iSYSTEM winIDEA XCP Master Software is licensed within the standard winIDEA using an iSYSTEM USB dongle. The license is based on a subscription business model. ​

The debugger software supports almost all winIDEA features provided in a similar winIDEA/BlueBox configuration such as debug, flash, on-chip trace etc. ​

Currently winIDEA XCP Master supports Infineon AURIX TC2xx, TC3xx, and Power Architecture MPC5xxx.



Debug over XCP

Supported Measurement and Calibration Hardware and Software

If you require further help to understand how winIDEA could best suite the development of your application, and which BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer best suites your target microcontroller, why not get in touch using the contact link on the right.