Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+

Bitstream programming with iSYSTEM winIDEA

Programming an FPGA is the process of loading a bitstream into the FPGA. During the development phase, the FPGA device is typically programmed using dedicated software utilities and hardware from the FPGA manufacturer, connecting the PC through a USB port to the FPGA to be programmed via the FPGA JTAG port.

The FPGA Zynq Ultrascale+ series features embedded ARM processors. When the iSYSTEM BlueBox tool, e.g. iC5700, is used to develop and test the embedded application for these processors, it can at the same time be used to load a bitstream into this same FPGA. This comfort feature shortens the turn-around times simply by using one tool for several use cases.


Bitstream Programming within iSYSTEM winIDEA

Figure1: Bitstream Programming within iSYSTEM winIDEA


The iSYSTEM BlueBox in conjunction with winIDEA (iSYSTEM Integrated Development Environment) programs a bitstream to the FPGA in the same manner as embedded on-chip flash devices or external SPI flashes are programmed. When the specific Zynq Ultrascale+ device is selected for debugging, an FPGA device, where the bitstream is to be programmed, becomes listed where typically, e.g. on-chip flash to be programmed is listed. The bitstream can be programmed on request or as a part of the debug download process.