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iSYSTEM Hardware User Manuals

iC5000 BlueBox V1.1


iC5000 CI BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer - Hardware platform which allows hardware debugging and testing a wide range of embedded microcontroller platforms that are based on a variety of processor architectures and is implemented into Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructures. iC5000 CI comes with almost the same functionality as the standalone products and is licensed on yearly subscription basis.


Continuous Integration (CI) - A combination of iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware, software and consulting services on how to setup the hardware and software of a CI infrastructure, which is based on building test racks with multiple hardware setups – each consisting of the embedded target hardware and iC5000/iC5700 CI.


winIDEA IDE - Integrated Software Development Environment delivers the visual insights required to debug the embedded application, performs timing analysis, measures code coverage, visualizes RTOS task states and much more. More information


testIDEA - The testIDEA environment simplifies the development of unit tests for embedded applications. More information


isystem.connect - Application programming interface (API) with Software Development Kit (SDK) and supporting a variety of programming languages makes almost the entire range of features provided by our software, such as winIDEA, its Analyzer and testIDEA, and the capabilities of our hardware development tools, such as our BlueBox technology and their IOM accessories. More information


iSYSTEM's solutions run under Microsoft® Windows®, GNU, Linux OS; or optionally within the Eclipse environment via a plugin. Software can be downloaded from the Downloads page at

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