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iSYSTEM Hardware User Manuals

Device description


The top face of the iC5000 CI features:

A –  Debug Trace Module (DTM) provides two connectors, marked #1 and #2. These connectors are the interface to the target microcontroller. Depending on the target microcontroller debug features, the supplied ribbon-cables will need to be connected to either connector #1 only or connectors #1 and #2.


B – The indicator lights provide the status of the hardware:


Power Indicator – Green

On – Powered on

Off – Powered off

R - Running Indicator – Red

On – Target microcontroller is executing code

Off – Target microcontroller is halted

F - Free Indicator – Yellow

On – BlueBox is available for a connection from a host PC

Off – Active connection to the BlueBox from a host PC exists


The front face of the iC5000 CI features:

C – The grounding socket (marked GND) should be used, together with the supplied Grounding wire to create an electrical connection between the BlueBox and the target circuitry. The socket is suitable for a 2 mm Multi Contact Plug (also known as a Banana Plug) if building a longer or a replacement cable on your own.


The rear face of the iC5000 CI features:

D – Power Switch


E – Power Supply Socket

The socket and plug are latching to stop the plug from being accidentally pulled out of the socket. To remove the power plug from the socket, always pull gently of the sleeve of the plug and never on the wire.




F – 10/100 Ethernet Socket


G – USB 2.0 Socket

It is recommended to use the supplied USB 2.0 cable delivered with your iC5000 as it has been confirmed to fulfill the maximum USB 2.0 transfer rate. Use of alternate cables must be undertaken at your own risk. The USB 2.0 interface provides the highest possible data transfer rate of the two available interfaces. It is highly recommended to use the USB 2.0 when using the trace feature due to the quantity of data to be uploaded to the PC.


Both the 10/100 Ethernet Socket and the USB 2.0 Socket can be connected to a network/PC simultaneously. The active interface will be determined by whichever interface winIDEA connects to first.



When powering on the system, switch the BlueBox unit on before powering on the Target. When powering down the system, power off the Target before powering off the BlueBox unit!

FBridge port is not Ethernet port!

Use only original iSYSTEM accessories for powering and connecting with the BlueBox unit. Consult with iSYSTEM before attempting to use any other accessory.


Differences between iC5000 CI and iC5000


iC5000 CI


License type


Perpetual or Subscription

System price



Debug & Test functionalities via winIDEA GUI



Debug & Test functionalities via SDK APIs



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