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The iC7 BlueBox Debugger family offers compatibility with IDEs including winIDEA, Eclipse, and Visual Studio Code, along with features such as unit testing with testIDEA, data acquisition and visualization via daqIDEA, flash programming capabilities, and external, and on-chip memory programming.


Its enhanced debug and trace performance in comparison with previous BlueBox generation, coupled with a universal approach for debugging multiple microcontroller architectures, ensures swift and efficient debugging processes.


With winDEA SDK available for all popular programming languages and smooth integration into Continuous Integration (CI) workflows, the iC7 BlueBox Debugger family promotes automation and streamlines development processes. Additionally, the BlueBox family is equipped for standalone CI operations and boasts improved remote operation capabilities, enhancing its flexibility and usability in various development environments.


Its robust hardware design incorporates improved tolerance for poor ECU designs and electrical disturbances, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions, and features a USB PD power supply for convenient and user-friendly operation.


For detailed information about BlueBox Debuggers, refer to the following hardware user manuals:

iC7 BlueBox Comparison table





iC5700 CI


iC5000 CI



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