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Introduction iC7max BlueBox V1.1

The iC7max BlueBox represent a next-generation platform engineered for flashing, synchronous debugging and tracing; and testing across diverse embedded Multi SoC microcontroller architectures. It extends its utility to network observation and precise control and analysis of analog/digital signals.


With iC7max BlueBox you can build cost-effective Continuous Integration (CI) setups.Through its smooth collaboration and automation capabilities via winIDEA SDK, teams across different locations can collaborate effortlessly, driving efficiency and innovation. It also offers testIDEA unit testing, daqIDEA data acquisition and visualization, and support for several 3rd party hardware debuggers.


iC7max BlueBox is connected to the Target via Active Probes. If your target connector's pinout doesn't align with the Adapter's pinout, you have the option to order a Converter.


The iC7max BlueBox order is delivered with the following components:


iC7max BlueBox

USB 3.0 cable

Ordering code:


Ordering code:





Ethernet cable

Grounding wire

Ordering code:


Ordering code:





For more information about the iC7max and iC7 BlueBox Debugger family refer to iC7 BlueBox Comparison table.


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