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IOM6 ADIO - A part of the IOM6 product line and extends the functionality of the iC5700 BlueBox, enabling the monitoring of analog and digital signals synchronous to program execution information. This allows network activity and code execution to be examined side-by-side within our development software winIDEA.

The IOM6 ADIO provides two analog inputs, two analog outputs and up to 24 digital inputs/outputs, which for example can be effectively used for automated Hardware-In-The Loop (HIL) testing.

Provided inputs make possible measuring power consumption of the Embedded system or part of it. Using digital inputs, optional SPI Protocol Analyzer is available for easy monitoring of two SPI interfaces within the embedded target either alone or in conjunction with the program execution.


winIDEA - Integration Development Environment (IDE) delivers the visual insights required to debug your embedded application. At the simplest level, winIDEA provides all the usual functionality of an IDE (breakpoints, stepping and device programming). Supported by a target microcontroller, winIDEA can also visualize the timing and code coverage of the application via the trace interface, as well as combine data captured by the IOM6 Accessories. Various third-parties also provide software tools to perform advanced worst-time-execution analysis based upon the data winIDEA can export. When a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is in use, the state of the RTOS and its tasks can also be visualized. More information


testIDEA - testIDEA environment simplifies the development of unit tests for embedded applications. By making use of the winIDEA environment, this application makes it easy to locate source code functions and generate test cases for them. Tests are then executed using the Original Binary Code (OBC) method, testing the object code running on the target microcontroller. The tests, which are stored as YAML files, can easily be added to a project, maintained in a repository, and then automatically executed together with Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins. More information


isystem.connect - There are times when it is more efficient to write a script to execute a task that requires many clicks within a visual development environment. This is where our Software Development Kit (SDK) isystem.connect comes in. The well-documented interface provides access to Python, Java, and other languages so that any action available within winIDEA and testIDEA can be scripted. Scripts can also be executed directly from within winIDEA, thereby allowing the developer to extend its functionality. More information


iSYSTEM's solutions run under Microsoft® Windows®, GNU, Linux OS; or optionally within the Eclipse environment via a plugin. Software can be downloaded from the Downloads page at

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