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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253

Memory Actions

Copy, move and exclude actions are performed on code reported in a download file to perform object code analysis, locate function exits, conditional and non-instructions, define code flow paths.


To configure memory actions select Debug | Configure Session | Applications| Memory Actions page.




Add - Add a new memory range. Multiple memory ranges can be defined. The configured ranges can be edited by double-clicking on the range.

Remove - Remove a range.



Beside download exclusions, further memory actions on loaded code can be performed before it is moved into target.

Exclude for download - The specified region is not loaded to target.

Ignore in Verify operation - The region is not verified.

Mirror - The region is either copied (duplicated) or moved to another address.


The configured Ranges are displayed with a 3 letter prefix indicating the operation:

First position

x - The region is excluded from download

_ -  Regular/no exclusion


Second position

v – The region is skipped in verify

_ - Regular verify



Third position

c – The region is copied to another location

m – The region is moved to another location

_ - No mirroring

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