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PFlash Protection

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You can protect your PFlash against accidental modifications on a logical sector granulation. Protection enabled masks are made out of 32-bit words. Each bit represents a mask for one logical sector. You can open this dialog via Extra commands UCB-icon | Device contents | Set PFlash Protection in the UCB plugin toolbar.


Via this dialog you can modify the following UCB(s):






Global Read and Write Protection

It is possible to enable or disable global read and write protection without changing the sector protection mask, and vice verse. After enabling this protection, both FLASH programming and FLASH read from the debugger side will cease to work. Not supported on TC4x.



Enabling Global Read and Write Protection will disable debug access to the device!



Note that the Image checker needs to be disabled if you wish to enable global read and write protection.


Logical Sector Protection Enable Mask (HEX)

When logical sector protection is used, programming on that sector will cease to work.


Apply to the following PFlash indexes

The sector protection mask can be applied for multiple PFlashes at once (PF0 - PF5).

Not supported on TC4x.




The 3rd generation of Aurix devices (TC4x) support two Startup Address dialogs:

Set RTC PFlash Protection configures PFlash protection of the RTC (Real Time Cluster) PFlashes,

Set CS PFlash Protection - configures PFlash protection of the CS (Cyber Security) PFlashes.



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