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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.150


UCB is a separate core window of the SoC AURIX plugin which allows programming of the UCBs.


It is possible to program UCBs via:



Opening the UCB window

UCB window is opened by clicking View / <device> Aurix <core> / UCB. UCBs can be programmed by expanding UCBs and double-clicking on UCB of interest.



Information is displayed when a debug connection is established.







Extra commands available for TC3xx devices:


Manually update the view (F8)


Go to winIDEA Help



Edit options

Dialog allows changing values. By clicking OK values will be checked and written to memory if allowed. After clicking OK the changes are checked by winIDEA.



If editing TC3xx devices a COPY UCBs will automatically become copies of the original ORIG UCBs. The CRC will be calculated automatically as well.



Programming BMHD (TC3xx)

The booting process requires a valid BMHD (Boot Mode Header) structure:

  • BMHDID (Boot Mode Header ID) - winIDEA checks the value(s) of UCB_BMHDx_yyyy under program and forces a correct one, i.e. 0xB359.
  • BMI (Boot Mode Index) - Few start-up modes are available. If an invalid combination is entered, winIDEA will force an address for the Internal start from Flash
  • STAD (Start address) - Type in an address from which the boot will start



For more information about the BMHD structures refer to the Target Specification manual.  



Context menu

Right-click in the plugin window to open the context menu.

Copy Python access snippet - (optional) Copy SDK code snippet to extract the content from the plugin window.

Auto Fit - Arrange all the columns to fit in the plugin window.

Options - Set colors and fonts.

Help - Open winIDEA Help.




To display or hide columns right-click on a column header and select what you want to see.

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