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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246


CoreSight SoC contains Cross Trigger Interface (CTI) and Cross Trigger Matrix (CTM), which form the Embedded Cross Trigger (ECT) sub-system that enables the CoreSight subsystems to interact, that is cross trigger with each other. The main function of the ECT is to pass debug events from one processor to another, so that for example program execution on one or more processors can be stopped at the same time if required. Open Hardware  / CPU Options / CTM/CTI.



This dialog is primarily meant for Technical support as a troubleshooting tool when default CPU debug support exhibits problems related to the CTI and CTM components. User should just keep default settings untouched unless advised by TASKING staff otherwise.





Dialog settings


No Tick – Disabled


Tick – Enabled


Black Square – Keep its current state unchanged

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