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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246


Right-click within Editor window and select Options / General to set general setting of the Editor window.




Fonts - Select a suitable font.

Watch Tips - Set delay of tooltips display. By default the delay is set to 500 ms.

Large files - Limit the size of file to download. By default the size is set to 10 MB.

Selection Margin - Set which action (Toggle Breakpoints or Run Until) should be made with left mouse click.

Display line numbers - When checked it will display a vertical line of numbers in the Breakpoint margin.

Auto-close brackets - When checked brackets are automatically closed.

Enable code folding - When checked, you  can fold or expand parts of code with [-] or [+] icon. If a change (breakpoint, update) is executed in the folded code, it is automatically expanded.

Disable editing - When checked editing the code is disabled.

Silently reload files - When enabled reload files without prompting the user unless there are conflicts.


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