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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253


This chapter explains general winIDEA workspace options. Open Tools  | Options | Environment.





Auto save workspace before closing

Reload last workspace at startup

Allow only one instance of winIDEA on the same workspace

Warn if loaded workspace file is older than winIDEA version

Warn if loaded workspace file is newer than winIDEA version

Periodically save workspace (s)




Auto save when running tools

oSave only editor documents on auto save

Create backup files

Reload externally modified files


oDisable breakpoints when reloaded

Start File / Open from workspace directory




Use build manager - Enable Build Manager

oPrompt if build is required - Prompt for project build before Download

Use system ANSI locale

Use online help - If enabled F1 or Help button will open current Online Help

Open progress view on change - Shows Progress window which used for various winIDEA processes to track their execution.

Display task start/finish time - Every finished task adds a Finished line and an information about time.

Display full workspace path in title

User Templates location - The default structure is:  %USERPROFILE%/iSYSTEM/winIDEA/Templates. To share a workspace template on a joint network change this template location



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