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FNet Counters

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Counters in HIL Monitor Plugin

Counters in Profiler timeline

Profiler Configuration



FNet Operation is supported by 4 independent 32-bit counters that can count time or events.



Counter source: increment on time or event

oTime granularity 1 us

oEvent provided via FTrigger

Configurable 32-bit limit with auto restart option

Configurable recorded events

Configurable triggers on events

oOn increment

oOn limit reached

Controlled via FTrigger system




Counter recording observed in Profiler timeline






Qualifier - To enable counter module recording set Qualifier:

Enable from the start

Enable on specified event

Disable on specified event


Select counter source:

Count on - Time - Tick the checkbox and specify increment period

Count on - Event - Select a predefined event (Trace trig, RunSync, StopSync) or a custom event (TC4....TC10)


When count increments - Select what happens, when timer increments:


Predefined event, or

Custom event


The counter is by default suspended. To enable and control the counting:

Start active - Counting will start when session is established

Restart on - Counting will start/restart on a specific event

Suspend on - Counting will be suspended by a specific event

Resume on - Counting will be started/continued by a specific event


Counter limit - To enable counter limit, tick the checkbox and specify number of counts.


When limit is reached - Select what happens, when specified limit is reached:


Predefined event, or

Custom event

To restart the counter, tick the Restart checkbox.


Record - To enable recording of the counter, tick the checkbox.

hmtoggle_arrow0 To enable recording of the counters set Qualifier at the top of the dialog
hmtoggle_arrow0 Recorded counters can be observed in the Trace / Profiler window.



Counters in HIL Monitor Plugin

To observe counter status open HIL monitor Plugin in View | HIL Monitor.






Counters in Profiler timeline

Recorded FCounters can be observed in Profiler timeline in AUX view:





Profiler Configuration



Observe recorded counter in Profiler Timeline.

Click to enlarge

1. Open the Hardware | FNet Operation dialog.




Enable and view Counters.

Click to enlarge

1. To be able to view the counters in Profiler timeline, click the Qualifier button.

2. Enable Qualifier by ticking the Recording is enabled from start checkbox.

3. Qualifier is enabled when it displays status:

FNet Operation-Counter3-start


hmtoggle_arrow0 Find out more about Analyzer and Profiler configuration.




Set what to record.

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In the FNet Operation dialog (ADIO.DIO1/ADIO.OUT/mDIO) from the Record dropdown menu select:


Enabled Inputs

Enable Inputs and Outputs


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