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Version: 9.21.11

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isystem.connect SDKs

isystem.connect interface allows driving iSYSTEM BlueBoxes from almost any external application being used in the development labs. These external applications are typically test environments controlling the target microcontroller and acquiring specific data (memory content, register values, trace, profiler, code coverage) from the target microcontroller.


For SDK user guide, class descriptions, and examples view isystem.connect API - common to all bindings.




Python script language and the belonging isystem.connect Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python is installed with winIDEA full setup. Separate installation package is available for download as well. Online documentation is available on official iSYSTEM web page.



Java, C#, Matlab and LabVIEW

SDKs may be downloaded from the official iSYSTEM web page. The download package contains:

  • installation instructions
  • installation files and libraries
  • examples
  • documentation



iConnect C++ demo

Download zip folder for C++ demo sample.



SDK class overview




Accesing winIDEA settings

isystem.connect interface features sets of classes that can be used to configure winIDEA. However, not all settings can be set using the provided classes. This is why the isystem.connect interface offers a couple of functions as the part of the CIDEController class (e.g. getOptionStr, setOption), which enable the user to read or modify any winIDEA setting which can be accessed through an option URL.



The easiest method to obtain the option URL is to open Help / Display Option.


Depending on the type of the option, it is necessary to select appropriate type:

IDE - Covers settings found in Debug menu (Files for download, Operating System, Debug Options), Test menu (isystem.test options), FLASH menu (FLASH Setup), Tools menu (Options)

iOPEN - Covers hardware related settings (iSYSTEM tools, CPU settings)

Document - Covers document settings, most commonly used for configuring CPU-specific analyzer settings

Plugin - Covers plugin-specific settings




Stall the RH850/F1H PE1 core core when trace FIFO is full


Configure the RH850/F1H PE1 core to stall when the trace FIFO is full:

1. Open Help menu / Display Option

2. Check URL option

3. Search for Stall in the list of option strings for traceFile.trd

4. Hit Display button

5. Choose the setting that depicts the StallCPU for PE1 core: /Document/traceFile.trd/Trigger.Items[0].HW.RH850.HW.SRC[PE1].StallCPU


This string can now be used in the isystem.connect API to change its value to TRUE.



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