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Flash programming

This chapter explains NXP/ST Power Architecture specific options for Flash manipulation. For general configuration and options explanation, visit Storage device programming chapter.




VLE stands for a variable length encoding and is an instruction set enhancement allowing reduced code size footprint. MPC5500 family (e200z1 core) introduces VLE besides a standard 32-bit Power ISA instruction set. Note that there are few MPC5500 devices which do not have VLE (MPC5553 and MPC5554). Check specific CPU reference manual for supported VLE. Second core (e200z0) of the MPC551x has VLE instruction set only.


Standard PowerPC instruction set

Standard PowerPC instruction set

The debugger supports both instruction sets. Some compilers (e.g. Metrowerks) generate a debug info which allows the debugger to distinguish between the code belonging to one instruction set or to the other. This allows the debugger to color the code differently, so the user evidently sees which instruction set is executed. VLE code is colored purple


VLE instruction set

VLE instruction set




If the debugger cannot automatically recognize which code from the download file is the standard PowerPC or Alternate ISA type, you can manually define the Alternate ISA areas in the Debug / Configure Session / Applications / App / Alternate ISA page.






Specific Flash configuration options


Open Hardware / Options / FLAGS Configuration / Edit options dialog.


UseFactoryMode - enables Factory mode for Flash programming. For more details, refer to device's Reference manual.


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