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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246

SoC Advanced

Open the Hardware / CPU Options / SoC Advanced page.






Microcontrollers from the MPC57xx series can have two reset signals connected (in the target) to the debug JTAG connector or the debug Aurora connector. Nexus Mictor38 connector has one reset signal only. Beside the default RESET line (JTAG connector - pin 9), optionally “Power on reset” line can be connected (JTAG connector - pin 8) to the target debug connector. When both reset lines are connected and have to be driven by the debugger, select the ‘Power on Reset’ for e200 Reset selection. When ‘RESET’ setting is selected the debugger drives only default RESET line.


Assume Invariant MMU in iTest mode

MMU refresh consumes considerable amount of time, but is required for correct debugging.

winIDEA test SDK operations however can be accelerated considerable if MMU configuration is considered to be preserved by a test execution. Per default the option is unchecked.


Override OnCE Parameters

Enable this option to override default OnCE parameters. Changing of OnCE parameters is not necessary and should be only done when instructed to do so by Technical support.


Custom Init RAM Range

When debug session is established winIDEA initializes the minimal supported size of RAM for the applicable family of devices. If your device offers more RAM then enable this option and specify the RAM start address and size. winIDEA will then initialize all RAM in this range. Large RAM ranges may take a while to initialize. Choose fastest possible JTAG communication speed to speed up the process.


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