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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.220

OS Profiling

If you are profiling OS objects, the trace settings will be configured automatically based on your OS awareness settings.



Make sure that Profiler is checked in Analyzer Configuration / Recorder page.


Navigate to the App/MCU / Profiler page and enable OS objects. You can further control which objects to profile by (un)checking the boxes.




hmtoggle_arrow0 Refer to the RTOS documentation to learn more about OS signaling for your specific RTOS.


Available OS objects that can be profiled - Left window.

Available values for each line in the left window list - Right window.


Each item on the left has its own set of values on the right side. When right window selection changes, content on the right is changed appropriately.

The content of both windows is  provided by the OS plugin in the Application configuration and is specific to the selected operating system. While you can always disable individual objects on the left, values can be disabled only for certain objects (OS specific).


Advanced - Open the OS Advanced dialog and configure Context analysis.


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