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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246


This chapter describes actions after download, Target Download and Load Map.

To configure Startup select Debug / Configure Session / SoC / Add or Edit / Startup page.




After download

An action can be performed after the download completes.



When checked, the downloaded code is verified after download finishes. If the downloaded code is different from what it should be, winIDEA will show errors in the Progress window (e.g. ERROR reading locations...). It is recommended to always perform Verify immediately after download before any other action that might modify the memory content.



Target download

After the primary download a secondary download can be performed. This is usually used to load program code to target memory that is accessible after the debugged CPU has been released from reset.

None - No target download is performed (default).

Repeat Program files - Target download is performed with the original set of download files.

Target files - Target download is performed with the set of download files specified in the Target Files page.



Load Map

Show load map when download errors occur - When checked, a Load Map error will be reported, if code is loaded outside debugger range or code overlaps.


Save Report

winIDEA can generate an XML formatted load report after download. The report can include:

Loaded regions

Regions where code from different download files overlaps

Regions where verify errors occurred


Every region reports:

Starting address

Last address in the region

Size of the region

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