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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.150


Counters is a separate core window of the TriCore plugin. It features an enhanced view of Core Debug Controller (CDC) counters and displays CPU Clock.



Opening the Counters window

To load the plugin select View menu / [<device.core>].TriCore / Counters.



Information is displayed when a debug connection is established.






Switch to real-time update


Refresh the view (F8)


Reset CDC counters


Go to winIDEA Help




Section displays counter values and descriptions for CCNT, duration (CCNT / CPU Clock / 1000), ICNT, M1CNT, M2CNT and M3CNT.

Counters with Sticky Overflow bit set to 1 are displayed with the SOvf prefix.




Display current CPU frequency, MCDS frequency and cycle duration (1 / CPU Clock / 1000).



Context menus

Counters core window consists of two context menus:

  • General options
  • Counters option


General context menu

Right click elsewhere in the content part of the window opens a context menu.




Copy Python access snippet - (optional) Copy SDK code snippet to extract the content from the plugin window.

Auto Fit - Arrange all the columns to fit in the plugin window.

Options - Set colors and fonts.

Help - Open winIDEA Help.



Counters context menu

Right click on Counters item opens a Counters context menu. It contains the following additional options.




Modify - Changes the current setting of the counters. See Modifying Counters chapter for more information.

Reset - Resets the values of the counters to zero.

Configure - Changes how the counters are configured after a CPU reset. See Configuring Counters chapter for more information.



Performance counters


1. Select Configure from the Counters context menu.

2. Adjust the settings as shown. It is important that Counter Mode is set to Task.


3. Open Hardware Breakpoint dialog by clicking Debug menu / Hardware breakpoints and set two breakpoints.

4. Check Enabled option.

5. Enable the 0 breakpoint.

6. Enable the 1 breakpoint.


7. Click the "..." button and open the Browsing Functions dialog.

8. Switch to the Functions tab.

9. Select:

  • start function for the 0 breakpoint (First breakpoint is hit when CPU starts to execute start function.)
  • stop function for the 1 breakpoint (Second breakpoint will be hit when CPU starts to execute stop function.)

10. Click on the "..." button.

11. Make sure you set:

  • Event associated (EVTA) to None
  • Counter (CNT) to Start performance counters.

12. Click on the "..." button.

13. Make sure you set:

  • Event associated (EVTA) to Halt,
  • Counter (CNT) to Stop performance Counters.


14. Run the application and observe the values in the TriCore window.


To get the time value  of CPU clocks (hold by CCNT) has to be to multiplied with the CPU clock period.


hmtoggle_arrow0 All these registers are memory mapped, therefore the same data can be observed in the Special Function Registers or Memory Window.


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