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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246

Start with Example Workspaces

Use Example Workspaces for a simulator or evaluation purposes and take them as a reference for your own configurations to get started with a new project as quickly as possible. Examples include most of the supported CPU architectures and hardware combinations.


When first launching winIDEA, a Select Workspace dialog pops up. Select Start with Example Workspaces.




You can also open this dialog via File / Select Workspace.



Download Example Workspaces.

When your examples are already downloaded you can open them via File / Select Workspace / Start with Example Workspaces.





Select an Example.

Use the Filter row to find a suitable example, which are separated by:

Architecture (On-Chip)

Purpose (Eclipse, Instrumentation, testIDEA...)


Compile vendor

Code location

Used BlueBox


Description is given in the dialog.


Double-click the example or select an example and click Clone and Open Example to copy it to a different location. This allows re-download of possibly newer examples, without overwriting any of your work.





(optional) Select the debugger type.




Next steps

Configure Architecture-specific settings

Start a Debug Session


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