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Version: 9.21.246

Start a Debug Session

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Configuration steps

Perform Debug / Reset or Debug / Download.

Perform Run / Stop.

Perform Run Control.

End the Debug Session.




This tutorial shows the most common uses cases of starting a debug session with executing a reset or downloading the code to your Target, controlling its execution by using Run Control commands and step through the code.

winIDEA Debug Status in the lower right cornet indicates whether the Debug Session is established and which is the current state of the microcontroller.


Simplified diagram of a Debug Session

Simplified diagram of a Debug Session



Configuration steps


Perform Debug / Reset or Debug / Download.

To establish an active debug session, you can:

Perform reset via Debug / Reset or click the Reset button Reset-button in the Debug Toolbar, and establish control of the device at its reset point. Within an active session, this will only reset the device.

Download the executable code and the belonging debug information to the microcontroller via Debug / Download or click the Download button Download-button  in the Debug Toolbar and establish control of the device at its reset point and programs FLASH and RAM.





winIDEA will show             STOP             Debug Status.


You can observe debug session initialization details in the Progress window.





Perform Run / Stop.

After programming, set the device to Run via Debug / Run Control / Run or click the Run button AnalyzerRecording-BeginNewSessionButton in the Debug Toolbar. Run starts or resumes the execution of the application which continuous until the application is:


Breakpoint is hit

Other exception / event occurs


winIDEA shows              RUN              Debug Status.





Perform Run Control.

Follow the Video Tutorial Breakpoint bisecting and see how stepping through the code is used in a real-life example.






End the Debug Session.

You can end the Debug Session via Debug / End Session.

winIDEA is now disconnected from the BlueBox. winIDEA will show           OFFLINE           Debug Status in the bottom right corner.





Next steps

Breakpoints Management

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