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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246


winIDEA uses a database of CPUs which fully describe a device - the number and types of cores, special function registers (SFRs) etc. The database is file based and allows easy user modification in case a slightly customized device is used.



SFR database holds crucial information for the display of SFR, information required to successfully establish debug session, program FLASH etc. It is advised to always use SFRs matching the winIDEA you are using, unless explicitly advised otherwise by Technical support.


Open Tools / Options / SFRs page.




Database location

For majority of users the Default database will work fine. Its location is indicated, the Open button will open the folder in file explorer.


Recreate database - Resets the SFR database to the factory. Use this option if you suspect that the database got corrupted.



winIDEA performs database integrity check at every start. If corruption is detected, winIDEA will recreate the database automatically.


Custom - This option controls how a custom database is used.

None - Only the default database is used.

Use instead of default database - Assumes that the entire database has been copied elsewhere and possibly modified. winIDEA will disregard the default database and only use the database specified in edit field.

Use in addition to default database - Allows overriding default database's files. If a file is found in the specified folder, it will be used instead of the default file.



This is the recommended way to modify how winIDEA controls a device. Even in a case of winIDEA update, the custom files remain intact, while fixes and enhancements in the updated database also take effect.

It also allows easy sharing of custom database with your team.


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