Cortex-M Trace via the ubiquitous Debug Interface


Speaker: Manish Kumar, Applications Engineer, iSYSTEM Germany


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This webinar aims at users who want to utilize the on-chip trace capabilities of their microcontroller to gain a deeper understanding of their software with regards to timing and/or functional behavior.


Why should you attend?

Our aim is to make users self-decisive about the use of different debug and trace interfaces by a comprehensive discussion of ubiquitous debug and trace interfaces. The webinar discusses about different trace sources (hardware & software) and a limited bandwidth trace interface, i.e., ARM Serial Wire Output (SWO) interface.

Trace use-cases which utilize the ARM Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) and Data watchpoint and Trace (DWT) in combination with the ARM Serial Wire Output (SWO) are demonstrated. 


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