Non-Intrusive On-Target Software Test w/o Code Instrumentation


This webinar discusses how to use the tool for unit testing. You will learn how to:

  • Prepare unit tests
  • Automatically stub the functions
  • Inject faults
  • Measure coverage measurements
  • Prepare reports
  • Generate fully functional JUnit compliant Python scripts used for Continuous Integration

The iSYSTEM development tool can be used for the integration testing too.

Who: Aleš Košir, Field Application Engineer, iSYSTEM Germany
Webinar recording is available here.

Who should attend:

Embedded Software Developers, Test Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, Software Integrators, and everybody who is interested in testing embedded software.


Why should you attend:

Increasingly, in all sectors of embedded development, we are becoming more reliant on software. To avoid unexpected behaviors, testing activities should start as early as possible in the software development life cycle.

Did you know that the iSYSTEM development tools have an integrated testing tool called testIDEA which can be used for non-intrusive on-target software tests? Thus,iSYSTEM customer can immediately start testing the recently generated code. When the test procedure finds a bug, the engineer can use the debugger to start immediately debugging the tested code.





We empower embedded software engineers to do it right!

Our BlueBox Technology stands for fast and easy microcontroller access via any kind of debug interface. Complemented with integrated development and test software winIDEA/testIDEA it provides access to on-target timing information. Embedded software engineers can review application timing, analyze real-time operating system states, and undertake code coverage to prove that their products do what they were built to do.


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