Remote Debug Control and Test Automation using Python


Duration: 45 minutes + questions

Who: Ales Kosir, iSYSTEM Field Application Engineer with 20+ years of embedded software development experience 


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No matter whether you are developing, debugging, or testing embedded software on a real target system, automation makes sense to all of us.

iSYSTEM tools provide a Python automation API for almost 15 years. All these years, the API has become stable and has proven its efficiency in numerous customer projects. Many example scripts are available on our website, covering a wide range of use-cases. Our scripting expertise enables customers to find clever solutions for all sorts of development and test challenges, including complex continuous integration infrastructures. Furthermore, the API can be used for automated production.

This webinar will discuss many development and testing automated features of iSYSTEM tools. Use cases may be:

  • Generation of fault injection for testing.
  • Data acquisition and real-time access of embedded software variables.
  • Analysis of local variables of a function.
  • Call hierarchy analysis.
  • Multi-core debugging and testing.
  • And many more…

The features of winIDEA and testIDEA can be remotely controlled through scripting via the open and public API called isystem.connect. iSYSTEM tools support Python, C#, Java, as well as MATLAB.




We empower embedded software engineers to do it right!

Our BlueBox Technology stands for fast and easy microcontroller access via any kind of debug interface. Complemented with integrated development and test software winIDEA/testIDEA it provides access to on-target timing information. Embedded software engineers can review application timing, analyze real-time operating system states, and undertake code coverage to prove that their products do what they were built to do.


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