Digital/Analog/SPI signals

This webinar discusses use cases and how-tos of digital/analog/spi signals in combination with the iSYSTEM iC5700 BlueBox debug platform and the iSYSTEM ADIO module, an add-on to this platform.

When: Thursday, April 30, 3pm CET (UTC+1) 
Who: Ales Kosir, iSYSTEM Field Application Engineer with 20+ years of embedded software development experience
Who should attend: iSYSTEM tool users - beginners as well as professionals Software developers and testers in general who think about choosing iSYSTEM tools 


Live recording is available here


  • 2:40 - Overview of the iSYSTEM Tools
  • 6:10 - iSYSTEM ADIO capabilities 
  • 8: 37 - How to prepare ADIO configuration
  • 12:02 - Power Probe
  • 14:11 - winIDEA HIL monitor
  • 15:31 - Target IO signals profiling 
  • 16:55 - Generating output digital signal with triggers
  • 18:15 - PWM modulation use case
  • 19:47 - SPI trace use case
  • 22:23 - Automation with isystem.fnet API
  • 24:12 - Questions and answers 


At iSYSTEM, we realize that embedded systems development requires more than just the insights of a microcontroller. Developers need a holistic view, because events inside a microcontroller and on a network are interrelated. With the iC5700 platform concept and its corresponding components, iSYSTEM recognizes this trend and its importance.

iSYSTEM's solution can correlate the network and microcontroller activity and show the sequence of all events in a single view. Real-time logic can also react to observed events. For example, stopping the microcontroller when a specific network message occurs.



We empower embedded software engineers to do it right!

Our BlueBox Technology stands for fast and easy microcontroller access via any kind of debug interface. Complemented with integrated development and test software winIDEA/testIDEA it provides access to on-target timing information. Embedded software engineers can review application timing, analyze real-time operating system states, and undertake code coverage to prove that their products do what they were built to do.


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