iSYSTEM Trace Solutions: Infineon AURIX™ TC377TE Emulation Adapter Available Now


The brand new Infineon Aurix™ TC377TE Emulation Adapter provides full debug and trace capabilities for the TC333, TC334 and TC364 devices, where trace port is not available or lacks the full trace capability. This emulation adapter supports DAP, DAPE and Aurora Gigabit Trace (AGBT) debug and trace interfaces.

When is an emulation adapter needed?

Working on a device with access to program and data trace during development and test is highly recommended. Tracing means recording microcontroller activity in real time. It provides a non-intrusive and deep insight into the embedded application without influencing real-time application behavior. Trace facilitates debugging the most difficult code defects and allows performing advanced timing analysis, measuring code coverage and the CPU load.

When your target device doesn’t have trace capabilities, this is where an emulation adapter comes in handy. The emulation adapter at its core has the same functionality as the production silicon with additional debug and tracing capabilities.

Another benefit of the emulation adapter is that you can also use it in a standalone operation. This means you can use it as a startup development platform until your hardware becomes available. For instance while it is still in development or manufacturing.



How does an emulation adapter work?

To put it simply, you exchange the original microcontroller on your board with the emulation adapter. As mentioned before, the emulation adapter has the same core features as the microcontroller on your board with an additional trace port which provides detailed insight into the execution including timeline information. Different packages of the original microcontroller are addressed by an appropriate conversion board.

With the Aurix™ TC377TE Emulation Adapter you can speed up the development on TC333, TC334 and TC364 devices. Depending on your target microcontroller use the belonging conversion board. "iSYSTEM is currently working on a second type of emulation adapter to support even more Infineon Aurix™ TC3x devices, e.g., TC337LP, TC367DP, TC377TP, and such. In this case we create the world's first 292BGA to 292BGA emulation adapter. Great technology to allow even deeper testing and development of embedded software", says Erol Simsek, CEO of iSYSTEM.


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