iSYSTEM makes accessing highly integrated ECUs easy


We all know them. Small devices, located in a vehicle’s body, in charge of controlling specific tasks. Electronic Control Units (ECUs). These building blocks of today’s automotive industry are unfortunately fairly difficult to access once they are built-in to their assigned positions. Accessing them may take days of dismantling the surrounding hardware.

Luckily, you can now skip loads of time-consuming work that could be even hazardous for the ECU. With iSYSTEM DAP over CAN Physical Layer (DXCPL) it only takes minutes.




Access via CAN bus Physical Layer with iSYSTEM debug tool

ECUs hosting Infineon AURIX™ devices offer access via CAN bus physical layer with an iSYSTEM debug tool. TC2xx, TC3xx and even future family members will be supported. This connection is electrically robust due to the nature of the CAN bus.

The DXCPL Converter translates Infineon AURIX™ SPD (Single Pin DAP) encoded DAP messages to the CAN bus physical layer. No special configuration is required - just set DXCPL as your Debug channel in winIDEA and you’re ready.


Revitalize even non-functional ECUs

A "dead" or non-functional ECU can be revitalized by reflashing or debugging it via the CAN bus. You can achieve this even with connecting to a functional nearby ECU. But do note that while an ECU is down it’s impossible to access flashing via OBD (On-board Diagnostics), as this is a software function. The same goes for debugging through this interface, because it is not a direct or very close connection running through several Gateways in addition.


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