iSYSTEM to open an office in Regensburg, Germany

We are expanding our business not only world-wide but local as well!

iSYSTEM - Enable Safer Embedded Systems

We believe that embedded software engineers should do it right!


Schwabhausen, July 2019: iSYSTEM to open an office in the city of Regensburg, Germany.


Starting from January 1st, 2020, iSYSTEM extends its operation into the east of Bavaria. "Technology is dominating our life. The Automotive Mega-Trends such as autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity will have a major impact to our life as well. We believe that embedded software engineers developing such technology should do it right!", says iSYSTEM CEO Erol Simsek.


Office Regensburg



iSYSTEM provides embedded software development debug/flash, on-chip analysis and test tools with a strong focus on customers software timing challenges in the automotive electronics space. Why timing? Because it really matters that all this data collected by sensors gets at the right place of being consumed in time to act precisely and in time as well. It really matters that an Airbag fires in the defined range of milliseconds, that a break-by-wire system breaks right away when it should, that a pattern identified by a neural network is signaled and properly consumed in time as well.


Embedded applications get more and more complex. Developing and testing such systems too. More and more software and hardware tools are involved in bringing up such systems. Interdependance among everything seems to be key as well as communication between the parties envolved in such developments. Tool vendors, such as iSYSTEM, will definitely and always look ahead in providing the right tools in-time to enable embedded software engineers to do it right!


To achieve this, we already invest in expanding our business not only world-wide but local as well! Regensburg is an automotive hot spot. Not only automotive companies are present, also a well connected university with the right focus in technology.


We are hiring and looking forward to have you on board, @TechBase in Regensburg!