iSYSTEM Update #2/2020


"Never waste a good crisis" - Rahm Emanuel

This is how we at iSYSTEM see this worldwide health crisis as a lot of you out there as well. We are currently streamlining our product portfolio; new products are under development, knowledge transfer resources are growing fast (see below). Learning from each other is key for us to provide the right content, tool functionality and services for the appropriate use cases in embedded software development and testing.

What we can not do is travel around the world to meet you. I hope this will change somehow next year. Virtual meetings are ok, but different. Face-to-face meetings are still an important part of a business relationship, especially for an international acting company like iSYSTEM.

Stay connected, stay healthy!

Erol Simsek, CEO


iSYSTEM Webinar "Timing Analysis using the iSYSTEM Profiler – Discover the Possibilities" - Thu, Oct 22, 2020 3PM CEST (UTC+2)

Correlating different kinds of objects along the program execution, increases the quality of the timing analysis a lot

Discover the Possibilities webinar will give you deeper insights about 

  • What is possible: Classes of Timing Analysis 
  • What you need technically: Profiler Building Blocks & Hardware Trace 
  • What can be profiled: Object Types (Functions, Data, OS, Network) 
  • What else can a profiling tool do for you 
    • Function (Code) Profiling Operating Mode 
    • iSYSTEM Profiler Inspectors 
    • Sampling based Profiling 


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  • A collection of this year's recorded technical webinars. Visit the iSYSTEM YouTube Channel and follow us on YouTube for further webinar updates