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Active Probe Debug V1.2

Active Probe Debug enables debugging, tracing, and testing a range of microcontroller architectures supported by the winIDEA. It supports various debug protocols:

Joint Test Action Group (JTAG)

Arm Serial Wire Debug (SWD)

RH850 Low Pin-Count Debug (LPD)

On-chip trace buffers.


Besides that, it offers Trace Capture methods, including Arm's ETB (Embedded Trace Buffer), and low-speed serial trace, like SWO (Single Wire Output).


Its compact size facilitates connections to target microcontrollers in tight spaces, extending up to 10 meters away.


Active Probe Debug is connected to the iC7max, iC7pro and iC5700 BlueBox on one side via FNet cable. To connect the Active Probe to an embedded target with an architecture-specific target connector, an iC7 / Active Probe Adapters must be ordered separately. If your target connector's pinout doesn't align with the Active Probe Adapter's pinout, you have the option to order a Converters.



The Active Probe Debug kit is delivered with the following components:


Active Probe


1m FNet


Ordering code:


Ordering code:


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