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Active Probes

Active Probes offer higher debugging and tracing solutions across various architectures with their adaptable design.


Their compact size allows a smooth integration even in confined spaces, while their robust design guarantees durability.Moreover, Active Probes allow for remote positioning up to 10m away from the BlueBox, providing flexibility in setup and placement. By connecting Active Probes to iC7max, you can synchronize their control, facilitating simultaneous debugging, testing, tracing, and profiling of applications running on different or identical architectures.


iC7max BlueBox Debugger features 6 FNet ports for Active Probes capable of speeds up to 5 Gbps.


For detailed information about Active Probes, refer to the following hardware user manuals:

Active Probe Debug

Infineon DAP/DAPE II

Infineon DAP/DAPE

Infineon SGBT (HSTCU)

Infineon AGBT


MPC5x/SPC5x Aurora

RH850 Aurora



For BlueBox Solutions with specific Microcotrollers Architecture, refer to:

Infineon AURIX™

Arm Cortex®

Renesas RH850

NXP / ST Power Architecture®


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