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MPC5x/SPC5x Aurora Active Probe V2.4

MPC5x/SPC5x Aurora Active Probe enables debugging, tracing and testing of NXP MPC5xxx, NXP S32R and ST SPC5 microcontroller families. Besides the standard JTAG debug interface it supports also a high-speed Aurora trace interface operating at its maximum frequency.  Its small and compact hardware size allows for connecting to a target microcontroller in a confined space as far as 10 m away. The Active Probe supports up to 4 Aurora lanes, running at a maximum bitrate of 5Gbps.


MPC5x/SPC5x Aurora Active Probe is connected to the iC7max and iC5700 BlueBox on one side via FNet cable.

If your target connector's pinout doesn't align with the Active Probe Adapter's pinout, you have the option to order Converters.



The MPC5x/SPC5x Aurora Active Probe is delivered with the following components:



Active Probe

1m FNet  Cable

Ordering code with IC7max: IC71150

Ordering code with IC5700: IC57150

Ordering code:




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