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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.246

Symbol Files

Symbolic debug information is used by winIDEA to provide high level debug functionality.  To configure symbol files select Debug / Configure Session / Applications / Symbol Files.

For each file, you can specify additional options (depending on the file format). To open File options dialog select the file and click Edit.



The debug symbols are part of the debug session configuration, and for any changes to the session configuration (switching from one ELF to another) to be applied, a new session is necessary (Reset).

Load Symbols Only command, triggers a new session in the same way as a Download would (including a reset, followed by Initialization before Download specified in Hardware / CPU Options / Reset).




Add - Click to add Symbol Files. Usually this will be a single ELF file. Note that the code from these files is NOT used. To program code into the target system go to SoC / Program Files. All download files are listed here. Multiple files can be listed, but only checked files will be downloaded.

Add build output file - Automatically include the build output file.

Default file for debugging - If there are multiple symbol files (e.g. bootloader and application) you can specify which symbol file should be the default file for debugging.

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