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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.220

Call Stack Profiling

Call Stack analysis is displayed in the Profiler Timeline and Profiler Statistics windows and it shows from where the function was called and which functions were called from this function. It is selected from Analyzer Configuration dialog / Profiler page. Applies to all Operation modes expect Flat, because this operation mode does not record call stack.



Enable Call Stack Analysis


1. Open Analyzer Configuration dialog / Profiler tab.

2. Select Call stack analysis.

3. Click Reanalyze button in the Analyzer toolbar.




Results are displayed in the Profiler Timeline and Profiler Statistics windows.


Profiler Timeline

Call Stack analysis in the Profiler Timeline window displays:

(Gross) Time of Sub-Functions

Dependencies/Sequences within Operations


Note: PDU - Protocol Data Unit


Profiler Statistics

Call Stack analysis in the Profiler Statistics window displays:

which Sub-Function contributes how much time within a certain operation, e.g. sending data (SensorData) via Ethernet using an RTE Write Port)

the maximum Function Call Tree Depth Useful for allocating sufficient Program Stack for each OS Task.

the sequence of Function calls within a certain Operation.



Export results



Note that only call stack areas that are children of normal function area are exported. See example screen shot.


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