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This chapter describes how to triggers and/or generate actions, generate a certain voltage level when a trigger occurs etc. with the ADIO module.


DIO module can be used to create a trigger and/or generate an action, when a trigger occurs, e.g. generate a pattern on a output channel.




Qualifier - To enable DIO module recording set qualifier:

Enable from the start

Enable on specified event

Disable on specified event


Record - DIO module can be configured to record:


Enabled Inputs - Inputs, which are enabled in Network description dialog

Enabled Inputs and Outputs - Inputs and outputs, which are enabled in Network description dialog



DIO input channels can be used to create an FNet trigger:

Trigger line - Select the line you wish to trigger

oNone - Trigger is disabled

oPredefined trigger (Trace trig, RunSync, StopSync)

oCustom trigger (TC4....TC10)

Value and Mask - Use the graphical user interface on the right to determine the combination of input signals on which you wish to trigger. Note that FNetOperation-SquareSymbol symbol means that this signal is ignored



DIO output channels can be used to perform an action when a trigger occurs:

Event Line - Select the line which will trigger the action.

oNone - Action is disabled

oPredefined action (Trace trig, RunSync, StopSync)

oCustom action (TC4....TC10)

State - Select low or high channel state

Channel - Select channel, where action is performed



Patterns can be defined for DIO output channels

Channels - Select channels for specified patterns

Pattern - Define pattern for selected channels

Detailed explanation available in the pattern dialog



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