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Version: 9.21.239

Texas Instruments TMS570: AJSM Unlocking

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The Hercules platform includes the Advanced JTAG Security Module (AJSM) as support for managing debug access on deployed devices. AJSM can be used to program a unique access key to the OTP Flash memory. Subsequent debug accesses must unlock the AJSM with the correct key sequence to gain access to the JTAG-based debug, trace, and calibration logic. An error in unlocking the AJSM results in no error response and no access to the debug logic.


When the device is programmed with a defined 128-bit key and ECC, it is locked from debug access after the next power-on-reset.

Upon debug session initialization, winIDEA detects if the device is locked, which is indicated in the Progress window: Debug TAP present but not accessible. Device SECURED!



When the device is secured or locked, winIDEA automatically attempts to perform a temporary unlock (the device is unlocked until the next power-on-reset) procedure before continuing with debug session initialization.




winIDEA 9.21.117 or newer

BlueBox iC5700, iC5000




For this unlock to succeed, you must configure the workspace with the correct unlock key. This key is entered as a parameter in the Before Program - Connect to SoC dialog.



Open Hardware / CPU Options / Reset.


Click the Default button in Initialization before Programming / Connect / Custom.


Select script via the arrow button in the Script field.


Click on the arrow button to select parameters via the Edit options dialog.




Unlock key is stored as a part of the winIDEA workspace configuration file in a plain text format. Sharing the winIDEA workspace file also shares this unlock key.



Make sure to set the same script parameters for all Initialization modes.

Check options Same as Programming in Initialization before Debug session and Initialization at Attach. Progress Window logs the procedure.



Using the AJSM procedure, the device can be permanently locked without the option to temporarily unlock. In this case, debugging of such a target is not possible. Unlocking the target device will not succeed.


See Texas Instrument online documentation for more information on AJSM (Un)Locking.


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