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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.239

Password protection

This chapter describes how to configure debug password protection on AURIX TC2xx and TC3xx devices.





Note that using this procedure you may lock the device!



Enable UCB programming via Hardware / Options / Programming.



Enable and specify the password via Hardware / CPU Options / SoC.

Specify the password that you want to use to lock the device.  This assures that the debugger will be able to re-establish the connection after you have set the password. Refer to the TriCore SoC  chapter for more information.






Enable and enter the password via View / Aurix / UCB / Hamburger menu / Custom UCB set / Debug Password.

Note that the UCB_DBG on TC2xx and TC3xx devices is structured differently:

TC2xx - UCB_DBG is a single block.

TC3xx - UCB_DBG is split into UCB_DBG_ORIG and UCB_DBG_COPY. On TC3xx you only need to configure UCB_DBG_ORIG and UCB_DBG_COPY is written automatically by winIDEA.


Refer to AURIX Plugin UCB - Debug Password for more information.



Test the password.

Disable the Use password check box and confirm that the debugger can't attach to the device.



Disable password protection via Debug password dialog.


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