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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.239


Profiled data can optionally be exported to various formats:









Exporting Profiler data


Press  Export in the Profiler Timeline window toolbar.



Select the desired export options and press Export.

File - Specifies the file path of which the data is exported.

Format - Specifies the export format. Click Options button to configure specific settings.

Launch Associated Viewer - If checked, the system associated viewer application  is launched after export.








Statistics - Exports statistic information for every area:

Total time spent in the area

Number of activations

Percentage of the time spent in the area vs. total profiler session time

Minimum, maximum and average activation time (net, gross and call times)

Minimum, maximum and average time between consecutive activations (period)


Timeline - Exports timeline information for every area:

Data and AUX areas: time and value written

Functions: time and state of the area (active + nesting level)


The time range for timeline export can be:

Entire session - Exports all recorded events.

Between markers - Exports only events between the two markers; if the markers are not set, this option is not available.



Time range selection is available only for Text1 and XML formats. CSV and Text formats export all events.




Defines which area types will be exported.

Selection - Exports only area currently selected in the Profiler window.

All - Exports all areas.


Export can be impacted by a performance hit if you select All areas in the Export dialog. If you have a lot of data to export, you can additionally narrow the selection by exporting only selected areas or just specific Context or Process.


Filter - Exports only areas which match the specified filter wildcard pattern. This option is available only for the Text1 and XML formats.

oData - If checked, Data areas are exported.

oAUX - If checked, AUX areas are exported.

oFunctions - If checked, function areas are exported.


If Export Function Lines is checked, also the lines of functions are exported.




Context selection is available if the Profiler session recorded context switches. The selection defines the context for which the Function statistic data is exported.

All - Statistics results for every context are exported individually.


Current - Same as All, but only results for the context which is currently viewed in the profiler window are exported.

Neutral - For statistics, results from all contexts are accumulated. For statistics, results from all contexts are accumulated.


Export only active areas - Only areas with recorded activity will be exported. This option is available only for XML and Text1 export formats




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