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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253

Memory Regions

In some cases accessing non-implemented or prohibited memory regions causes unpredictable CPU behavior. This can easily happen by e.g. scrolling too far in the disassembly window, which may attempt to read non-existent memory regions. Memory Regions dialog offers a convenient way to limit winIDEA accesses to certain parts of the CPU memory.



Configuration takes affect when the Debug Session is first established (e.g. by performing Download). Once a debug session is established, you can enable and disable the memory regions through Debug | Memory Access | <memoryRegion> drop-down menu, but note that these changes will be reset when a new debug session is established.


To configure Memory Regions select Debug | Configure Session | SoC | Memory Regions.




Enabled Region - Access to an enabled region considers its restrictions

Disabled Region - Access to a disabled region is blocked


All listed and enabled memory regions will be considered.



Add a region

Name - Select a meaningful name for this memory region.

Bus - Select bus for which these settings apply. Regions restrictions are bus-based.

Range - Determine the range for this memory region.

Access Width - Specify which access widths are allowed.

Access Mode - Specify which access modes are allowed.


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