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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253

File options

To open Download File options dialog select the file and click Edit.




File Path

The path of the Program / Target file.


Always in Build Output directory - If this option is checked, then file's directory is ignored and the file is always searched for in the current project target's directory.

By checking this option, you can quickly switch project targets without having to redefine download files paths (remember that Build Manager will move all generated files to the target output directory, which is different for every target).


File Format - Setting determines the file format of the Program / Target file. winIDEA will attempt to determine the format automatically as a file is added to the  list, but you have to make sure that this setting is correct. Refer to your linker documentation for information on what formats your linker can generate.


Advanced - Opens up new dialog Edit options. Available options are dependent on the file format.  Select an option in the dialog and an explanation will appear on the bottom of the dialog.




Memory area - Default / Other (select a bus associated with the core).

Code offset - Determines the value that will be added to the address of every absolute object loaded. This includes program code and absolute symbols. Since all absolute object files contain address information, you will always use zero offset except for binary files.




Optimize type information - Sometimes the compiler generates multiple type definition tags (typically for every time the header file that contains them is included by some C/C++ file). The results are multiple entries under Browser / Typedefs, which isn’t wrong, but file conversion can take much longer. If this option is checked, then types that already exist are not 'multiplied'.

If the program uses structures that have equal names, but different definitions, then variables of the 'optimized' type will not be displayed as expected, but rather using the first type structure with that name.

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