Target Adaptation

The number of debug connectors is almost as varied as the quantity of microcontrollers on the market. In addition, some microcontrollers do not always feature their entire debug and trace capability on their production devices, choosing instead to offer a limited number of fully-featured “emulation devices” specifically for development purposes.

Regardless of your development challenge, iSYSTEM has the matching solution for your emulation and connector needs.

Connecting To Your TargetDebug Adapters

Regardless of pitch, pin-count or connector type, we’ve seen just about every debug and trace connector ever used! Our brochure provides an overview of what is available and which microcontrollers are commonly linked to that type of connector.

Advanced Trace CapabilitiesEmulation Adapters

Some of the most advanced insights can only be made available through these emulation adapters. Featuring special “emulation” silicon, the necessary debug and trace connector, as well as a ZIF-style plug, these adapters can be inserted into the location of your chosen microcontroller directly onto your target board. Our brochure covers how to select the correct solution in more detail.