Analog/Digital and Network Trace

Embedded development is unique in the way it draws together multiple disciplines; software development, electronic design, and systems engineering. When working successfully together, the result is harmonious – but typically, the journey to that harmonious end is the result of many discordant attempts to bring a complex collection of disparate elements together over many, many months.

At iSYSTEM, we realize that embedded systems development requires more than just insights into the activities going on inside the microcontroller. Developers need a holistic view, covering external signals and serial bus messages, power consumption measurements, or even insights into more than one microcontroller at once.
Our range of IOM Accessories provide these insights, delivering the proof that is often missing when just reviewing code execution alone.

Premium RangeIOM6 Family for iC5700

Designed for the iC5700 BlueBox, the IOM-6 family of accessories provides capabilities never-before-seen on an embedded development tool.

Mid-RangeIOM2 Family for iC5000

Tuned to the needs of the iC5000 BlueBox user, analog and digital signal can be spliced into captured trace data, whilst simple HIL platforms can make use of the available output signals.

Mid-RangeIOM5 Family - for iC6000

With their support for the iC6000 BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer, digital and analog signals can be captured or controlled with these accessories.

Power MeasurementIOM Power Probe

Supported across all IOM Accessories featuring analog inputs, the Power Probe delivers insights into power consumption of your application at run-time.