Analog/Digital and Network Trace

At iSYSTEM, we realize that embedded systems development requires more than just the insights of the microcontroller/processor. Developers need a holistic view, covering external signals and serial bus messages, or even insights into more than one microcontroller/processor and/or target system at once.

Our range of Add-on modules (see below) and Active Probes provide these insights, delivering the proof that is often missing when just reviewing code execution alone.

The last decade has seen a steady increase in multi-core and multi-processor, system-on-chip (SoC) processing platforms, with the pace of integration being especially pronounced in the automotive industry. With the iC7max and iC5700 FNet platform concept and its corresponding components, iSYSTEM recognizes this trend and its importance. The iC7max and iC5700 BlueBox feature a new, high-performance, internal data bus named FNet. FNet is an iSYSTEM proprietary bus system and communication protocol. It has been developed to analyze complex systems by connecting and synchronizing one or several iSYSTEM debuggers and their add-on modules.

ConnectivityiC5700 Hub

iC5700 Hub extends the iC5700 with an additional three FNet ports to connect Active Probes, ADIO and/or CAN/LIN. A so-called FBridge port enables you to connect to another Hub on a second iC5700 for synchronous debugging and trace.

Optional Hub for controller and bus trace


Analog and digital signals can be captured and displayed in parallel to the microcontroller code execution. An optional SPI activation key enables you to record and analyze SPI communication.

ADIO Module + SPI

Network DataCAN/LIN

CAN/CAN-FD and LIN bus network data can be captured and displayed in parallel to the microcontroller code execution. In addition this module provides CAN message injection.

 CAN/CAN-FD/LIN + CAN Injection

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