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Legacy Debug Adapters V1.5


This document provides detailed information on the debug adapters (used in conjunction with the iC5000 or the iC5700) supporting legacy microcontroller architectures which are no longer supported with winIDEA 9.17.0 or newer.


26-pin 2.54 mm NXP ColdFire

6-pin 2.54mm NXP BDM

6-pin 2.54mm NXP S12Z BDM

16-pin 2.54mm NXP COP

38-pin Mictor PPC4xx RISCTrace

16-pin 2.54mm Renesas 78K0R

26-pin KEL Renesas V850

10-pin 2.54mm Renesas 78K0

4-pin ERNI ST STM8

20-pin 2.54mm Renesas V850



Listed Debug Adapters and belonging microcontroller architectures are supported with winIDEA 9.12.288 or older.



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