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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.260

Synchronize Multiple cores

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Automatic Configuration

Manual configuration



Multi-core Synchronization can be achieved:




For suspending peripheral devices refer to this chapter.



Automatic Configuration

Multiple cores are hardware-wise not synchronized by default after reset. Synchronization can be optionally enabled by winIDEA. The option is ON by default.



Open Hardware | CPU Options | Debugging.



Make sure option Synchronize selected cores (stop/run) when possible is checked.



Check the Hardware | CPU Options | Cores | <Core> | Synchronize this core option.

Make sure this option is checked for all cores you want to be a part of synchronization.



Manual configuration

Synchronization can be achieved via a winIDEA configuration dialog of the on-chip CTM/CTI modules. For more information, refer to the CTM/CTI chapter.

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