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Version: 9.21.150

Trace Configuration

This chapter describes how to configure a trace recording.


hmtoggle_arrow0 You have a simple single-core application with one download file? Perform Basic Session Configuration by clicking the Reset button in Debug menu / Configure Session.
hmtoggle_arrow0 You have a non-MMU configuration with a separate Program File (.s) and Symbol File (.elf) or an SMP? Session Configuration Wizard



Right click to copy the link address Start the Analyzer

You will need to configure iSYSTEM Analyzer to record trace data, on which you can then perform Profiler or Coverage Analysis.


Open the Analyzer.


1. Open View / Analyzer.



2. Click on the Analyzer Configuration button.


3. Configure iSYSTEM Analyzer:




Add a Process.

In the Analyzer Configuration dialog you add a Process you wish to record. Process is listed in the field with an ID, e.g. <Application> / <Memory Space>.

Note that if a .trd file is created, all Processes configured in winIDEA are automatically added.



1. Enable Processes.

2. Press New button and add a Process (or Application).

3. Enable the added Process.

hmtoggle_arrow0 For each added Process you get a separate set of Profiler and Coverage pages.




Configure options.



hmtoggle_arrow0 Processes - Configure Trace...



Profiler, Coverage - Configure Trace...

Reactivate session after CPU stop - By default, the analyzer is deactivated when CPU stop is detected. Data recorded is uploaded and analyzed. For a new session you have to manually activate the analyzer again. With this option set, winIDEA will do this automatically once analysis is done.

Limit session duration - If you are only interested in events in a short time window, you can limit the session duration. iSYSTEM tools will continue recording until the profiler analysis reaches the time limit. Once the limit is reached the recording and analysis will be stopped.

Hardware Configuration - Open CPU Options dialog for a specific architecture.

Manual Trigger/Recorder configuration, Configure - Manual Trace Configuration



hmtoggle_arrow0 More information in Recorder Configuration...



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