On-Chip Analyzers

Debug and Trace

If you are in need of an embedded software development platform that does more, much more, than just debugging, then our family of BlueBox Debug and Trace tools is the hardware you are looking for. Fully integrated into our winIDEA IDE, these hardware tools provide the link between your chosen microcontroller platform’s on-chip debug implementation and your development PC.

BlueBox Comparison

Naturally, all these devices support the basic debug features that enable the programming of on and off-chip flash memories, execution of code and analysis of the status of variables, program state and RTOS tasks. Where they come into their own is with their advanced program and data trace features coupled with analog and digital signal capture. This makes it possible to analyze digital serial protocol data in parallel with RTOS task execution, brushless DC motor voltage or current consumption compared to algorithm results or even power consumption of your battery-powered IoT device in its various power-saving modes.

State Of The Art GenerationiC5700

With its next generation high-speed internal bus system, FNet, this future-proof BlueBox technology is ideal for the majority of current and next generation 32-bit microcontroller development.

Debugging CompetencyiC5000

This compact tool remains a mainstay of many embedded developers debugging hardware. Supporting 32-bit processor architectures from semiconductor vendors across the board, its features enable everything from debugging through to timing and code coverage analysis and even the implementation of simple a HIL system.

AURORA PerformanceiC6000

Focused on supporting microcontrollers featuring AURORA™ interface technology, this On-Chip Analyzer is ideal for Infineon TriCore™ based products, such as advanced devices from the AURIX™ family, or those from Renesas in the RH850 family.