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HIL Monitor

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Configuring HIL Monitor


SDK access



HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) Monitor enables you to measure and drive the I/O Module pins. The I/O Module is an optional add-on to the BlueBox.



Configuring HIL Monitor

1. Open View / HIL Monitor / View to monitor and manipulate the I/O module pins.

2. To modify an output, double click its value in the Value column.





Note that the names, directions and properties of the signals depend on the I/O module configuration:

IOM2, IOM5: Hardware / Options / I/O FNet communication

ADIO add-on module: Hardware / Options / FNet / FNode configurations. ADIO add-on module will only show up in the HIL Monitor once it is properly configured. Please refer to the FNet communication chapter to learn how to configure your ADIO add-on module.






Refresh the inputs manually


Refresh the inputs automatically



SDK access

It's possible to read and modify I/O module pins through as well. Refer to winIDEA SKD for example CHILController.




iC5500 - Still supported in winIDEA.

IOM2 - Support removed from winIDEA. Use winIDEA 9.17.39 or older.

IOM5 - Support removed from winIDEA. Use winIDEA 9.17.39 or older.


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